China is the world’s largest manufacturer, where one can find quality products at attractive prices.

This can be achieved, first of all, by establishing direct contacts with the manufacturer. Such direct contacts would allow significant savings. Online commerce is also developing actively right now in China. Therefore, it would be useful to review the main online shopping platforms on a case-by-case basis.

This shopping platform deals with wholesale and retail sales of a wide range of consumer goods. If necessary, here you can consolidate several orders at a time, and our specialists will prepare a single package for delivery. It is possible to buy different goods on a commercial scale, to purchase products weighing up to 200 kilograms per CLL, as well as to order copies of well-known brands. Our company will take care of all aspects related to customs clearance.
In some cases, this shopping platform offers prices significantly lower than Taobao, but there are some nuances here. Sometimes, the goods sold here are yet to be produced. Often, published prices turn out to be invalid, and most purchases will require direct contact with the seller. Another serious limitation is that one just cannot pay with traditional Russian payment means. Instead, one has to use cards issued by Chinese banks or Alipay payment service.
This shopping platform is an online classified, and it is more focused on the B2B segment with large delivery batches, which are typical for trading operations between companies one of which is a seller and the other is a buyer. The interface here is not friendly enough, there is no traditional shopping cart and credit card payments. After selecting the desired product, it is necessary to contact the seller to issue an invoice through PayPal.
This shopping platform specializes in retail sales, so most Chinese manufacturers are represented here. To make purchases, you will have to go through a registration procedure, but the website offers a user-friendly catalog with search features. Various filters, including filtering by seller rating, facilitate the search. You can read reviews, communicate directly with sellers to clarify details, and even bargain to lower the price a little. The platform accepts various payment instruments, both Russian bank cards and electronic wallets such as Yandex.Money.

We guarantee our customers:

Our customers choose the most convenient way of delivery, and we guarantee that we meet the agreed deadlines. We seek to optimize delivery routes, therefore our prices for the services rendered are optimal.

1. Selection

Of manufacturers with the optimal price-quality ratio of goods across China within three days.

2. Support

We provide full-scaled legal support of the transaction, order certificates, declarations and other mandatory documents.

3. Clearance

Fully legal customs clearance of goods, brokerage is already included in the cost of services rendered.

4. Photo report

We organize personalized quality control of imported products directly at the manufacturer's site, supported by the relevant photo report.

5. Payment after delivery

The order is paid only after its arrival into the territory of russia, without any advance payments: your money will not stay idle.

6. Responsibility

In case we cannot meet the agreed deadline, we pay you a penalty.

Not only logistics

Our company is not just engaged in delivery of goods: we offer our customers an opportunity of selecting reliable partners and building long-term relationships with them.

We accept the full responsibility for selection of vendors from China and other countries, execution of contracts with them, optimal coding of goods in accordance with the TN VED codes to reduce customs charges and for delivery process itself using multimodal transportation networks.

Our specialists are present in the country of the cargo origin, so the customer is always sure to receive the impartial and timely information about the current state of the contract at every stage of its implementation. We render complex legal support of transactions, take care of preparation and submission of documents to customs authorities, arrange certification of imported products.

With many years of experience at the market, we have managed to establish ourselves in the customs authorities of the Russian Federation as a proven reliable importer, and this deserved reputation allows to reduce the time for customs clearance and exclude additional checks of goods without valid reasons.

How we work?

Regardless of the delivery method, we strive for complete security, from the appropriate packaging and organization of transportation, to the confidentiality of the customer's personal data.

To keep the customer updated, we notify of all the changes in the status of the order, both in China and after crossing the border of the Russian Federation.

By applying to East-West & North-South Trade and Production Company Limited, you entrust your order to professionals for whom the delivery of imported goods from China is a daily routine work. Choosing us, you will gain several benefits at once:

deploying a whole suit of inspection activities in China at the request, consolidation of small orders into one shipment in a warehouse in China for greater convenience, preparation of the entire package of necessary documentation for customs clearance by our specialists, opportunity to arrange delivery of Chinese goods to any of the Russian cities by individual selection of the optimal transportation route, ex-post payment of logistics services only upon transfer of goods to the customer, provision of penalties paid in case of infringement of delivery deadlines.

In most cases, when purchasing goods in China, importers have to face certain problems. By choosing our company, you shift responsibilities for finding relevant solutions to professionals. In addition to logistics specialists, we employ customs declarants and brokers to take into account and manage the full range of challenges. East-West & North-South Trade and Production Company Limited provides for turnkey logistics solutions. Our customers have nothing to worry about, except receiving the order at the address chosen and paying for the service rendered.

Delivery from China to Russian cities

Our company works with warehouses in the largest Chinese logistics centers: Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and others. If necessary, we can arrange an LTL delivery by collecting batches of goods from different vendors in one warehouse and addressing them to one consignee.

Our main warehouses in Russia are located in Moscow, Vladivostok and Novosibirsk and in the Crimea. From these warehouses, goods are delivered to customers in any Russian city, town or settlement with the help of engaged domestic transportation companies.

We select the necessary type of transport depending on the cargo characteristics of the cargo and customer's requirements. The selection of transport, in its turn, influences the possible transportation volumes and delivery time frames, and finally determines the cost of the services rendered. Availability of certificates, permits and other mandatory documents for goods imported into the country provide for fast and efficient passage through the boundary crossing points of the Russian Federation without any delays. The proper selection of a vendor is an important component of any profitable transaction. Making arrangements with retailers or large wholesalers will be more expensive than purchasing directly from a Chinese manufacturer. Involvement of a large number of intermediaries with a narrow specialization results in an increase in the associated costs of the buyer, so contacting turnkey companies deems a more appropriate option.

Any goods imported into the territory of the Russian Federation from China are subject to payment of customs charges. The Federal Customs Service accounts for the risk management system in its activities. This system assumes a selective nature of inspections and shows rather high efficiency. Considering multiple criteria, the system determines the risks related to imported goods, initiating, if necessary, additional inspections, both for examination of the cargo itself and for verification of the relevant documents.

The positive results of the customs clearance depend largely on the formal correctness of the custom declaration and completness of the submitted documentation. All goods have their assigned TN VED codes. Any errors related to the definition of proper TN VED codes may complicate the customs clearance procedures to a great extent, and even lead to a criminal case against the importer. In some instances, such errors can be classified as an attempt of smuggling.

By entrusting your orders to the customs brokers of East-West & North-South Trade and Production Company Limited you can be absolutely sure that something like this won't happen to you.

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